++ 27.10.2014 ++

Update US tourdates :

10/30 Los Angeles, CA - Complex + Take Over And Destroy
11/01 Salt Lake City, UT - Bar Deluxe + Take Over And Destroy
11/02 Boise, ID - Crazy Horse + Take Over And Destroy
11/03 Spokane, WA - TBA + Take Over And Destroy
11/04 Seattle, WA - Highline + Take Over And Destroy
11/05 Bellingham, WA - Shakedown w/Lesbian + Take Over And Destroy
11/06 Olympia, WA - Obsidian + Take Over And Destroy
11/07 Portland, OR - Rotture w/Eight Bells + Take Over And Destroy
11/08 Sacramento, CA - Café Colonial + Take Over And Destroy
11/09 Oakland, CA - Uptown + Take Over And Destroy

11/13 @ New York, NY - St Vitus + Oneirogen, Geryon, Psalm Zero
11/14 @ New York, NY - St Vitus + Sannhet, Gnaw, Vilkacis

++ 01.09.2014 ++

Some news from YONL camp.
First really sorry for not updating our website & our webstore.
For staying updated the best is to connect to our Facebook account here :
About the webstore we found a solution and it should be online before the end of the year...

About news, we are currently repressing Nord 2cd & Tocsin cd.
A split lp with Bagarre Generale is coming soon via Music fear satan.
And of course our last album Tocsin is available via Debemur Morti and has just been repressed on lp. The japanese version is available via Daymare rec.

We have lot of shows coming this fall including our first US tour.

08/28 Aout @ Caen FR
08/29 Aout @ Colchester arts centre / Colchester UK
08/30 Aout @ Arctangent festival / Bristol UK

09/18 @ Oettinger villa - Darmstadt DE + o
09/19 @ Magasin4 - Bxl BE - 20 years anniversary + Lento + Adrift...
09/20 @ Le kalif Rouen FR + Mohnos / Eye of the liger + expo sordide sentimental !

USA tour
fri 31-Oct-14 Los Angeles
sat 1-Nov-14 Phoenix
sun 2-Nov-14 Albuquerque
mon 3-Nov-14 Denver
tue 4-Nov-14 Salt Lake City
wed 5-Nov-14 Boise
thu 6-Nov-14 Seattle
fri 7-Nov-14 Portland
sat 8-Nov-14 Arcata/Sacramento
sun 9-Nov-14 SF/Oakland

13/14 nov @ NY st vitus

YEAR OF NO LIGHT - MARS RED SKY - Rune & Totem Tour -

20/11 NANTES (44) Le Ferrailleur
21/11 BIARRITZ (64) L’Atabal
22/11 TOULOUSE (31) Metronum

10/12 POITIERS (86) Le Confort Moderne
11/12 PARIS Le Point Ephémère (YONL only)
12/12 STRASBOURG (67) La Laiterie
13/12 LYON (69) Le Marché Gare

More dates for 2015 to follow soon.

++ 05.06.2012 ++

We are currently really busy writing our next full length that should be recorded next fall.

Till there we will play only few shows starting this week :

07.06.2012 Glazart (Paris - F) W/ Valve + Eibon
08.06.2012 Bistrot des Halles (Caen - F) W/ Aussitot Môrt, Youth Avoiders, Exhaustion
09.06.2012 Insania Fest - JH Comma (Brugge - B) W/ Syndrome + Aathma + Grown Below + Gottesmorder + Musth + Captain Your Ship Is Sinking

17.06.2012 Hellfest (Clisson - F) W/ Unsane, Nasum, Brutal Truth, Thou, Yob, Sunn O))), Enslaved, Tragedy, St Vitus, Darkspace and many more

27.07.2012 Takio fest (Torrelavega - SP) W/ Kylesa, Adolescents...

06.10.2012 Swingfest (Essen - DE) W/ Oneirogen, Murcof, Moritz von oswald trio, This quiet army, Switchblade...

We also have several records out :
-split lp with Altar of plagues on Music fear satan / Radar Swarm
-split lp with This quiet army on Destructure
-a song on the falling down 2cd compilation
-Nord have been repressed via Music fear satan as 2cd and should ready in 2lp also in a few weeks
-Ausserwelt also have been repressed as 2lp via Music Fear Satan
And in 2 weeks we have a split lp with Mars Red Sky coming on Headspin records.

One last thing, we have been kindly offered to curate one night in a festival in Bordeaux/Bègles to celebrate our 11th birthday.
It will happen the last week end of september and we have invited 6 bands to perform that night.
Everything is confirmed now and should be announced really soon.

Bye & hope to see you on one of the upcoming shows.


++ 30.03.2012 ++

Small spring update.
We are currently busy writing our next album. Songs are taking shape slowly but we are more than happy with the way it takes.
You will be able to preview some in our upcoming june shows. This will probably be our only shows before recording.

Also we have 4 news records on the way !
-Nord 2cd repress out now on Music fear satan (second cd includes all songs from splits / comps & co), 2lp is on its way also.
-The long awaited split lp with Altar of plagues. It will be out next week on radar swarm / music fear satan.
-A split lp (including some collaborative songs) with This quiet army out next week also via destructure records
-And finally a split lp with Mars red sky including also a collaborative song. It will be out in 2 months via Headspin.
More news with links soon.

++ 24.01.2012 ++

Back from tour : merci!

Well... back in Bordeaux after a bunch of great time performing J. Rouch's "Les Maîtres Fous" in Paris, defending for the first time "Ausserwelt" in Ukraine/Russia and playing high and loud @ Mudfest - after a shower of Champagne in Reims.

After its forthcoming show in Bordeaux (YONL plays C.T. Dreyer's "Vampyr") in the beginning of February, the band will focus heavily on the writing of its next sonic mantra.

Anyway, some live videos of the recent gigs will be posted soon.

Extreme gratitude to Andrey and Ilya and all the people who supported us!

++ 08.01.2012 ++

Excerpt from our cineconcert @ Musée du Quai Branly (Paris)


Played on the documentary "Les maître fous" by Jean Rouch (1954)

++ 23.12.2011 ++

Merry Christmas!

Some christmas news from the Year Of No Light camp.

We are currently busy writing new songs for next records, but we will take a little break from composing next month as we got exciting shows planned...

We are also planning a special show for the 10 years anniversary of the band in our hometown Bordeaux. It should happen in may, more news soon...

Lots of records coming soon :
10 years anniversary represses :
Ausserwelt 2lp / Cd - represses out now
Nord 2cd deluxe edition - Music Fear Satan - january 2012
Nord 2lp repress - Music Fear Satan - spring 2012

And some new ones :
Year Of No Light / Altar of Plagues - LP - Radar Swarm / Music Fear Satan - feb 2012
Year Of No Light / This Quiet Army - LP - Destructure - spring 2012
Cdr series - Radar Swarm 2012 / Bandcamp

Bye bye & see you in 2012 !

++ 22.12.2011 ++

Year of no light participera à la soirée BEFORE dans le cadre de l'exposition "Exhibitions, l'invention du sauvage", au Musée du Quai Branly à Paris, le vendredi 06 janvier 2012, à 19h et c'est gratuit...



Attendez vous à une performance tribale et sonique sur "Les Maîtres Fous" de Jean Rouch.

++ 25.11.2011 ++

Here's the list of upcoming Year Of No Light shows.
This will be the only shows we will play 'till summer 2012 as we are currently busy writing new material.

We will hit Ukraine & Russia for the very first time and we are also very happy to play again at Hellfest festival.

See you there !

12.01.2012 W/ @ Bingo (Kiev)
13.01.2012 W/ @ Plan B (Moscow)
14.01.2012 W/ @ Arktika (St-Petersburg)
20.01.2012 W/ Dirge, Tang @ La Cartonnerie (Reims)
21.01.2012 W/ Kodiak + N, Huata, The Machine, Toner Low, Dj Walter Roadburn... @ Mudfest - Azijnfabriek (Roermond)
03.02.2012 W/ Cinéconcert VAMPYR @ Krakatoa (Bordeaux)
17.06.2012 W/ Black Sabbath, Nasum, Brutal Truth, Thou, Yob,... @ Hellfest (Clisson)

++ 14.06.2011 ++

Our song 'Prosodia' from the album Nord (that will be re-issued as a 2xCd via Music Fear Satan this upcoming september) is on the soundtrack of the movie Frogtown by C. Andrew Hall.


The screening premiere will take place in the evening on June 22nd at the San Antonio Film Festival.
More info at :

++ 09.06.2011 ++

The Ausserwelt show we did at the recent roadburn festival is currently streaming there :

++ 08.06.2011 ++

Interview up here :

++ 01.06.2011 ++

YONL started its 2.0 mutation.
Just have a look to the scroll bar down right, we now have Facebook, Last.fm, Discogs, YouTube, Bandcamp accounts...

Speaking about Bandcamp, lot of unreleased stuff & special set to be posted on it this summer.

++ 09.05.2011 ++

The long awaited Live at Roadburn 2008 cd is finally out on Burning World Records.
We have some copies in our webstore.
Thanks again to Jurgen & Walter !

The lp+dvd version is by the way almost sold out. We will have the last 20 copies available at the end of the month. It will be sold on our next shows + the webstore.

++ 02.05.2011 ++

Massive thanks to all the people we met & went to our shows on our recent tour.

Extra thanks to Walter and Jurgen who let us play 2 shows (a normal one + the Vampyr movie scoring). We really had a blast there.

And as usual, massive thanks to Chris and all the M4 crew !

++ 08.02.2011 ++

An interview about upcoming YONL performance at Heliosphere Festival at the end of the month is available in estonian here :

YONL will perform live soundtrack to C.T. Dreyer's horror masterpiece Vampyr for the first time abroad.
Expect 1h10 of new music with some Ausserwelt tunes arranged to fit into the piece with lot of heavy guitars, orchestral drumming and old synths !

We are more than honored to be part of this great event and can't wait to be there !


Other acts appearing at Heliosphere includes Ben Frost, Nadja, Moha!, Manifesto, Rovar17, Circle...

++ 02.02.2011 ++

Lots of news coming soon from the YONL camp.

We have some records coming out soon :
-the long awaited split Lp Year of No Light / Altar of Plagues (expect it on time for the april dates if we finally receive the AOP track ! one new track for each band) on Radar Swarm.
-we also just recorded tracks for an upcoming split lp with Mars Red Sky. Expect one new song from each band + one collaboration with both bands locked in a studio in the french Pyrénées. Total psych out explosion and a totally different vibe than usual for YONL. We are still looking for a label to release it, get in touch if you may be into it !
-in april will also see the Live at Roadburn finally released on cd + dvd gatefold on Roadburn Records, right in time for the 2011 edition.

And also some represses are planned for the spring :
-Nord will be reissued on 2xLp via Music Fear Satan
-It will also be released on a 2xCd edition (Nord on cd1 + all the songs from splits + collaborations + covers on the cd2), also via Music Fear Satan
-Ausserwelt will also be repressed on 2Lp (as was the cd repressed past fall) again on Music Fear Satan.

We are also currently working on a short movie shot for our song Hiérophante.
We launched a fundraiser to help us covering the costs of the shooting.
All the informations are here :

Basically we offer lots of free & exclusive stuff for all the people helping us (cdr with exclusive composition played live past year, silkscreened poster...)

And finally 2011 will also see YONL playing live in countries we have never been before and we are really excited as usual !
It will start in Estonia next month ending in Transylvania / Romania next summer.
Really thanks to all the promoters making this possible.

All the confirmed shows are below, more will follow soon :

•2.10.11 Vampyr @ Cap'Cinéma - Périgueux / FR
•2.27.11 Vampyr @ Von Krahl Theatre - Tallin / EE

•3.11.11 Romandie - Lausanne / CH
•3.12.11 Grrrnd Zero Gerland - Lyon / FR

•4.12.11 Point Ephémère - Paris / FR
•4.13.11 Borderline - London / UK
•4.14.11 Roadburn Festival - 013 - Green room - Tilburg / NL
•4.15.11 Vampyr @ Roadburn Festival - Midi Theatre - Tilburg / NL

•8.19.11 Vampyr + Normal set @ Dark Bombastic Festival - Alba Iulia citadel / RO

Bye & hope to meet you on one of this upcoming shows !

++ 21.11.2010 ++

Some shows before hibernating till spring 2011.

We also have some records coming out anytime soon :
-Split lp w. Altar of Plagues (one new song each)
-Split 12" w. Mars Red Sky (total Bolt thrower worshipping song from YONL + 1 new song fron MRS on one side & 1 total psych freak out collaboration song on the other side)
-Nord 2cd deluxe edition (all the songs from old line up)
-Nord 2lp - third repress with a new artwork
-Live at Roadburn cd/dvd (Release party @ Roadburn 2011)

We will tour Europe (including UK !!) starting March 2011 with both regular shows & Vampyr (from C.T. Dreyer) scoring.
Interested promoters please get in touch with Flo @ Zoobook Agency.

More news will follow soon.

++ 16.09.2010 ++

We are really proud to announce that we will be part once again of the upcoming Roadburn festival for not one but 2 shows !

Here's the official press release :

Year of No Light will play two shows at Roadburn Festival 2011: Ausserwelt album and live soundtrack to C.T. Dreyer's horror masterpiece Vampyr.

Hailing from Bordeaux, France, Year of No Light have proven adept at shifting seamlessly between genres, balancing postrock, sludge, somber psychedelics and crushingly dark and depressing atmospheric shoegaze, never allowing the incredible scope of their soundscapes to stand in the way. The band transports listeners to a new dimension, capturing a world without hope or light, arriving at a veritable day of reckoning.

After releasing the underrated postrock classic Nord in 2006, Year of No Light returned this year to deliver Ausserwelt, an outstanding ambient postrock/postmetal album. Ausserwelt explores soundscapes deeply rooted in a vast array of human emotions, setting the band apart from their peers and breathing new life into a stagnating genre.

In addition to performing Ausserwelt on Thursday April 14th at the 013, Year of No Light will also provide the soundtrack to the 1932 horror classic Vampyr at the Midi Theatre on Friday April 15 during Roadburn 2011. Vampyr, one of the first horror movies with sound, is the work of the highly influential Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer. After directing the monumental La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc in 1928, Dreyer decided to make this modest film based on the novel In a Glass Darkly by Sheridan Le Fanu. Originally conceived as a silent film, Vampyr was Dreyer's first sound film.

YONL comments: "Ten years after its inception, the sleeping village that is YONL will awaken to perform again at the mythical Roadburn festival. Needless to say, we are highly honored to be part of such a great event. Our first appearance in 2008 coincided with the end of chapter and the original line-up parting ways. It was also an opportunity for us to share the Batcave stage with Dirk of FFB, an artist we profoundly love and respect. Three years later, Roadburn remains a very special place for us. And quite a challenging one indeed! Rising from the ashes with a new and expended line up, YONL, now backed by three guitars and two drummers, will present its latest sonic offering and show our devotion to C.T. Dreyer."

With respect to The Vampyr soundtrack project, Bordeaux promoter Guillaume Gwardeath says: "Year of No Light performed the original live soundtrack for the motion picture Vampyr for the first time during the Printemps des Cinéconcerts in Bordeaux, France, in May 2010. I really wanted to have [the band] on the bill of the Cineconcerts event. Each year, I invite a local band to produce an original musical work to perform during the festival for an audience comprising indie music and film enthusiasts. I had already managed to recruit death metal virtuosos Gojira to provide the live soundtrack to a Maciste Sword-and-Sandal epic. The result was amazing. Putting live metal at maximum volume to a fantasy film works really well. The audience is glued to their seat, totally breathless. With Vampyr, the entire Year of No Light team – including the sound and light engineers – were closely involved in the project and the finished production made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I saw it! Their music ideally suits the gloomy atmosphere of Dreyer's seminal masterpiece. It adds a new dimension to a tale of the struggle between shadow and light. I am delighted that we can bring our homegrown project to theatres and festivals in Europe. Be prepared to be stunned by the Dreyer-Of-No-Light experience!"
In other news, Soilent Green, Place of Skulls, Blood Ceremony, Ghost, In Solitude, Count Raven, Year of no Light, Wovenhand and Alcest have just been confirmed for Roadburn Festival 2011.

Sponsored by Terrorizer and Germany's Rock Hard, Roadburn Festival 2011, including Sunn O)))'s special event, and headliner Swans, will run for three days from Thursday April 14 to Saturday April 16 at the 013 venue and Midi Theatre in Tilburg, Holland. There will be an additional afterburner event on Sunday April 17, 2011.

For more info, please visit www.roadburn.com

++ 12.09.2010 ++

Summer is nearly over us, as usual we are always running behind with websites updates but here's some news from the front.

First thanks a lot for the cool answer Ausserwelt received. The cd is already being repressed !!!
Also thanks to all the people who came to see us on our past april european tour. We really enjoy touring with the new line up and discovering all this new places. Møn island, we will be back !

More touring is in the works for end of 2010 & 2011. Here's the first confirmed shows :
Oct 08 2010 La dynamo Toulouse, FR
Oct 09 2010 Baloard Monpellier, FR
Oct 31 2010 Barbey Bordeaux, FR
Nov 22 2010 Le ferrailleur Nantes, FR
Nov 23 2010 Astrolabe Orleans, FR
Nov 24 2010 tba, NL
Nov 25 2010 Brighton, UK
Nov 26 2010 London, UK
Nov 27 2010 TBA, UK

Since this euro tour we took one month to complete and perform live scoring on the Vampyr move of C.T. Dreyer. This project happened past may in Bordeaux, FR and turned out very well. We plan to record this 50 minutes of new music created for this during the upcoming winter and to tour in various festival in Europe in 2011. More news coming soon.

In releases related news, the split lp with Altar of Plagues will be released during the fall. Expect one new song per band.
We also started recording for a limited lp with french stoners Mars Red Sky.
It should be out early 2011.

++ 08.04.2010 ++

From Conspiracy Records :

"The Year of No Light 'Ausserwelt' preorder starts today. We have an exclusive preorder shirt available. Music Fear Satan will release the vinyl of the record and were so kind to offer us an exclusive brown 2xlp limited to 100 copies which will only be availble through our mailorder! Release date for this record is 26/4 and all preorders will ship around this date. Preorders on the shirt will end on 19/4 so please order before this date so we have the time to order the shirt."


++ 07.04.2010 ++

A pre-order Cd + exclusive tee shirt will be up today on the Conspiracy Records website.

++ 05.04.2010 ++

Since today you can stream on our Myspace page a teaser of the upcoming Ausserwelt album.

++ 29.03.2010 ++

You can donwload the song Hiérophante from our upcoming album Ausserwelt on the new Silent Ballet compilation :

Here's the tracklisting of the compilation :

01. Across Tundras: Rainmaker - Floodreaper
02. Kodiak: By the Sea
03. Year of No Light: Hiérophante
04. Aidan Baker: Turn Tail
05. Rosetta: Rain Falling on a Factory Roof (Redux)
06. Svartbag: Construct/Morse
07. Vanessa Van Basten: L’uomo Che Comprava il Tempo
08. No One Wished to Settle Hereafter: Scarce Christmas
09. SardoniS: It Walks the Mountain
10. Heirs: Mandril
11. Equus: VIII
12. Hellas Mounds: Movement II

Ausserwelt release date is April 26 2010.
Cd via Conspiracy Records (a special preorder including a tee shirt will be up soon)
2xLp via Music Fear Satan
We will also have it with us on our upcoming euro tour.

++ 23.03.2010 ++

Since last update lot of things happened.

We got a collab 12" out on Music Fear Satan (including Fear Falls Burning & Nadja collabs + on the other side a long song from Conifer / Lesbian & Souvenir's Young America).

The 3 Way split with Rosetta & East Of The Wall is also out. On Cd via Translation Loss & on 2xLp via Vega Vinyl & Denovali.

Thanks a lot dudes !

We also finished recording / mixing (done by our shamanic engineer Cyrille Gachet) & mastering (done once again with Alan Douches) of the new full length. It's the first recording with the new line up and we are really happy with the result.

The album will be entitled Ausserwelt and will be out on time for our upcoming european tour with Altar of Plagues starting next month.
Cd will be released via Conspiracy Records and 2xLp via Music Fear Satan.

Speaking about Altar of Plagues, our split 12" took some late and will be out later this year.

We also have lot more stuff in the pipe (like performance, movie score, other recordings and festival appearance...), stay tuned !

++ 01.10.2009 ++

It took more time than expected but finally the KARYSUN / YEAR OF NO LIGHT 7" is out.

It's available from radar swarm webstore here :
Radar Swarm

And will be available soon from all the other labels involved :
France : Radar swarm / Destructure
UK : Sound devastation
Germany : Denovali
Spain : Odio Sonoro
USA : Crucial Blast
Japan : SMD
Russia : ST Demo

In other news we are currently recording our next full length with the new line up. Tracking is finished, we will start mixing mid october !
We aim to release it early 2010 before our upcoming euro tour that will cross France / Belgium / Netherland / Denmark / Germany / Finland / Poland / Czech country / Switzerland...
Interested promoters should directly contact Flo at Owlstorm booking.

++ 07.08.2009 ++

The Live at roadburn 2008 lp is finally out on Roadburn Records.

We are more than happy with the result as the whole thing looks beautiful and that show meant a lot for us (end of a tour, end of the old line up, Dirk / Fear Falls Burning performing live with us and simply it was fucking Roadburn !)

The lp (including our collaborative impro with Fear Falls Burning on side B) is packaged in a great gatefold cover including a dvd footage of the show with 3 cams.
First 100 copies (gold) include a silkscreen poster.
Have a look here :

Year Of No Light - live at roadburn

You can order it via Roadburn Records.

Thanks a lot to everybody involved in this project !

++ 20.04.2009 ++

The Dark 80's 10" is finally out.
All the infos are on our discography page.
You can order it via Atropine Records.

Tonight we are playing at BT59 !

++ 13.12.2008 ++

Same Blood, New Crew

Year of No Light has been remaining silent for a while, but the beast is not dead yet. If we had really great times touring Europe, playing @ Roadburn festival, getting caught by cops (fuck their dogs!!!!), and hitting Norway (once again, 666 thanks for the people who planned the gigs) this year, we faced in the meantime severe difficulties, ordinary job's exploitation, multiple addictions and miserable health problems epitomizing the (un)holy trinity who's fog is still surrounding us.

The show @ the Hellfest festival was the last one with the "traditional" line-up. Sorry for the chicks, but Julien (throw) decided to leave the band. Anyway, we recorded a few tracks with him (including a cover of The Cure) for several 7'' and LP's.

We were thinking about YONL's evolution for a while now. The departure of Julien gave us the occasion to expand YONL's praxis into wilder spaces and landscapes. YONL features now a third guitarist, our friend Shiran from über-doom combo MONARCH!, and a second drummer, Mathieu, from the deviant electro-nihilist act AEROFLOT.

From now on, we found the right configuration in order to express our worship of melancholy and electricity and our determination is stronger than ever. We're currently working on a whole new set and we will focus mainly on the writing and recording on the next album. First gigs planned for january 2009 with an iberian tour to follow in april/may.

Bordeaux, December 2009.

++ 25.11.2008 ++

Fear Drop just released their special Cure's Pornography issue. We are covering 'The Figurehead' close to Troum, Savage Republic, Kill The Thrill...


++ 01.11.2008 ++

We've got one new song on the 3cd compilation Falling Down.


++ 21.09.2008 ++

Finally we took some time to update this website ! Last update seems very far.
First half of the year has been really intense between touring & recording some new songs.
Thanks to everybody that came to see us this spring. We really had some great time everywhere.
Most of the new songs & collabs should be released between november & february 2009.
Lot of different splits & records are in the works. There will be 7", 10", 12", cds & 2lps !!!!

Julien also left the band in june & since this summer we are now working on a new line up with Shiran & Matthieu that just joined us.
We will spend the end of the year composing some new songs & we hope to record the new material early in 2009 just before going on tour again.

'Nord' is now officially out of print on cd from Radar Swarm.
For those still interested into it you should contact diretly Crucial Blast who just did another repress.

The 2*lp has been repressed by Atropine / Cavity / E-Vinyl and we got plenty in our webstore !

++ 15.01.2008 ++

Lots of news from the Year of no light camp !

First huge thanks to Blake Nachtmystium & Decibel magazine for putting us in their top albums of 2007 !

Our cd on Crucial Blast is currently sold out but a repress should be ready this or next week !

The 2lp will be repressed in 2 (yes 2 !!!) different versions.
The first one will be a nice gatefold (like the first press) with a slightly different artwork in coproduction with Cavity records, E-Vinyl & Atropine. Expect it really soon ! We should have copies with us on our upcoming tour.
The second one will be a limited edition, with totally different artwork, colored vinyls & co and should also be out soon via Cavity records.

We are currently working on a collaborative song with Fear Falls Burning that should be released anytime soon and we are pleased to announce that Dirk will join us on stage to perform with us at the upcoming Roadburn festival !

We put online some of our upcoming shows and we are proud to announce that we will play the upcoming Hellfest festival in june the same day as Coalesce !

More infos soon particularly on our upcoming recordings (splits / collaborative songs / remix & co) + another tour is in the work for the fall.

++ 31.08.2007 ++

Yes it's true, Year of no light will play the amazing Roadburn festival at 013 in Tilburg next year.
We'll play there on the saturday 19th of april. More infos soon on the Roadburn website.

This show will coincide with an euro tour. Interested promoters please get in touch with Flo at Owlstorm booking.

++ 04.06.2007 ++

The us version of 'Nord' is now officially out on Crucial Blast.

++ 06.05.2007 ++

As you may already know, Nord will be reissued via the amazing Crucial Blast label (run by the incredible Adam & home of too many excellent bands like Monarch!, Souvenir's Young America, Gosslings, Skullflower, Across Tundra, Black Elk, Suzukiton... to name only a few) May 22nd.

This reissue will feature totally brand new artwork that comes in a gorgeous 4-panel chipboard gatefold case that has been offset printed by Stumptown Printers.

A limited pre-order package (cd + exclusive tee shirt + badge set) is now available here.

++ 05.05.2007 ++

As said in the title more shows announced and a big news coming really soon (and we are really excited about it !).

++ 12.04.2007 ++

We just upload here a cover of 'Disorder' from Joy Division we did for Abus Dangereux 20th anniversary.

++ 09.04.2007 ++

Some shows planned.
New songs will be played, be warned !

++ 28.09.2006 ++

First confirmed shows for this autumn announced.

We managed to have some more copies of the 2lp, it's on the webstore & we will have it with us on the upcomings shows.

++ 07.09.2006 ++

The cd version of Nord is officially out in stores from today !
You shoud be able to find it in all good musicstores.
If not, check Radar Swarm website for more infos.

Speaking about Nord we are sold out of the gatefold 2lp version for the second time.
So hurry up if you want one as it's going fast and will never be repressed.
It's available from both Atropine & E-vinyl

++ 07.06.2006 ++

The wait is over, Nord gatefold 2*lp is finally here.
We are all really excited to have this really really nice gatefold in our hands !
It's available from both Atropine & E-vinyl and should be available in Radar Swarm webstore really soon...

Have a look at Pierre & Nicolas both responsible of this crazy gatefold at their arrival in Radar house / Bordeaux with the lp's :)
Thanks a lot guys !

Cd's are also here. We just wait for the cardboard sleeves to be finished...

++ 15.05.2006 ++

Both cd & 2*lp should arrive soon...

++ 25.04.2006 ++

We are doing some shows & festivals.
Check shows !

++ 14.02.2006 ++

A song from the upcoming album is on the new Abus Dangereux cd sampler.
Check our discography page.

++ 23.01.2006 ++

We have a song from our demo on a nice doom/sludge/postcore/drone compilation with worldwide bands.
It's been released on the greek label Hyperblasted. More infos on their website.

++ 23.12.2005 ++

As a Christmas gift, you can hear here a new unmastered song from our forthcoming album "Nord".
Enjoy it !!

++ 28.11.2005 ++

Our handscreened demo is now sold out from Radar Swarm and won't be repressed as we have our debut album out early 2006.
We will have the 10 last copies with us at our upcoming show in Paris next thursday with High on fire.
A mp3 of a new song from the upcoming album will soon be online.
We made some interludes last week and the mix is now finished.
We are now waiting for the mastering to be done and everything will be ready to go to the plant.
It looks like Radar Swarm will handle the cd version and 2 brand new labels will do a nice 2LP.
Both cardboard sleeves will be custom made.
More news soon...

++ 16.09.2005 ++

We are back from Geneva where we recorded our first full-length with the incredible Serge Morattel.
Mixing & mastering will be done during the Fall. More news coming soon...

If you want to help us releasing it, get in touch !!

++ 01.04.2005 ++

Website v2.0 Online now !!!

Year Of No Light ends up its lethargy to rebirth with the spring...

Demos are available in Europe for 3€ (inc. P&P) from RADAR SWARM Records :

39 Bis Avenue de l'Université