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++ Year Of No Light Play Vampyr ++
Music Fear Satan

When old time friend and promoter Guillaume Gwardeath asked us about creating and performing an original piece for a "to be defined silent film", we said yes, but without having any idea where this project would lead us. Then, after some harsh bargaining, YONL finally started to work on C.T. Dreyer's "Vampyr".

It was in Fall 2009, a few months before "Ausserwelt" 's release. No need to say: facing such a masterpiece forces your humility and curbs your ego at the right place... But we were - and still are - so fascinated by the labyrinth-like metaphysics embodied in this movie than we decided to move on.

One thing was clear : it was out of question to compose a score for "Vampyr". Instead, all of our souls and bodies should be dedicated into giving life to a sonic reverberation of Dreyer's obsession for beauty, death, love, vengeance, sin, forgiveness, evil, redemption and faith.

The premiere happened in Bordeaux during Spring 2010. What we think would be a one shot experience soon transformed itself into a two years reverie trip around Europe, be it at Roadburn Festival in the magnificent Midi Theater, under the snowy winter skies of Tallinn, at 2 AM in Germany after a terrific Nifelheim show or in a XVIIth Century fortress in the heart of Carpathian mountains...

YONL played "Vampyr" for the last time in Bordeaux, at Krakatoa, in February 2012. The performance was a recorded one and gave birth to the LP you're holding in your hands. Facing C. T. Dreyer's "Vampyr" was always a fragile exercise and sometimes took the form of a metanoia. It marked us both as a band and as persons.

Thank you

Side A :
01. Générique
02. Courtempierre
03. Testament
04. Ombres

Side B :
05. Meurtre
06. Deuil
07. Vampire
08. Morsure
09. Damnée

Side C :
10. Malédiction
11. Exsangue
12. Saignée/Révélations
13. Passages

Side D :
14. Outremonde (Hiérophante)
15. Profanation/Rédemption
16. Orée (Abbesse)

Performed and recorded @ Krakatoa, Winter 2012
Recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet
Mastered by Alan Douches
Crepuscular light show by Manu Romani
Layout by Greg Vezon